Welcome to 301 redirect!

This website is dedicated to all webmasters or internet professionals who are in search of documentation or guides on how to set up a 301 redirection on their website.

What is a 301 redirect?
The fact that you have found this website means that you probably already know what a 301 redirect is. It's a way to configure your website or web server, in order to indicate that some of your pages have been moved, permanently, to another location. This code, sent by your server when someone tries to access one of your pages, can be interpreted by browsers, or search engine bots, to find the new location of your data. In this way you can be sure that all of your content remains accessible for all visitors.

301 redirects are above all important from the point of view of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As it is the only server code that indicates the permanent move of a page to a new address, it is also the only code that is completely understood by search engines when indexing a site. Using a good server configuration, and well designed 301 redirects when releasing a new version of your website is thus crucial for your presence on search engines, and your potential incoming traffic.

This website provides you with complete documentation on the implementation of 301 redirects in several programming languages (PHP, JSP, ASP or ColdFusion) and server configurations (Apache or IIS). The goal of this site is simply to help you to get the best visibility online, and to manage smoothly the transition between versions of your site.